Terra V. is on a Roll with Another Original and a Remix

Germany’s Terra V. (real name Vincenz Terrazzino) is gaining some serious support these days by the giants in the Trance scene.

Paul van Dyk, Johan Gielen, Aly & Fila, and Armin van Buuren are playing his tracks regularly, and his latest outing, Shadow, is suspected to do just the same.

A fierce driving bassline grabs you from the start and pulls you in. Hints of piano guide you to the break in a very Terra V. way.
A lush break follows, and the melody arises with emotion as it builds towards the climax.
This is surely not a track that leads into the shadow, but guides you out.

Back in 2018 Terra V. released his first single with Legacy of Trance, Phase Out. Only the second original release for the label, a lot has changed, and as the German continues to release stellar tunes for them, it was time for a remix.

Phase Out 2020 is aggressive – almost a Tech-Trance song with a storming acidic melody that will stand out in any DJ set.

Release date: June 12, 2020

Pre-order here.

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