Review: Somna- Beside You (Album) [Magik Muzik]

It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived! The debut artist album ‘Beside You’ from Canadian dj and producer Somna is out now on the Magik Muzik imprint.

The album is a strong and wonderful mixture of both instrumental tracks and some beautiful and heavy vocal tracks, featuring vocals from Jennifer Rene, Emoiryah, Haliene and Roxanne Emery!

First we get a atmospheric and moody intro with ‘The Journey’, that sets the feelings and atmosphere really cool and great, beautiful sounds and emotions is presented to you here. Following right after is the title track ‘Beside You’ with Noire Lee on vocals. A captivating and strong electronic blend of the soft and sweet vocal from Noire and the great compositions and chords/synths from Somna. With fast paced energy and cool details/effects a long the track, it really lifts off the album with heavy impact and great energy! After that we get more sweet vocal pleasure and treats, this time from Blü Eyes, who’s sweet vocal is pared with a track that goes up and down in both energy and intensity, which really makes and dress Blü’s vocal absolutely gorgeous, and makes it stand out and captivating.


Taking things and atmosphere into the more dark and driving/hard hitting trance areas, we’re giving a ‘Dreamcatcher’ together with LTN. A fast paced and driving bassline combined with delicate chords, uplifting and melodic sounds and creating a delicious atmosphere, this is just beautiful and massive. Hitting us after this great instrumental journey is more incredible productions and vocal performances, coming from Michele C on ‘Morse Code’ which is a strong progressive and melodic trance train, that really pushes forward with heavy electrofying beats and chords and Michele’s wonderful voice on top. After that it’s Jennifer Rene who’s ready to lift you even further up and into heaven with ‘Stars Collide’. Again Somna hits and treats us with a uplifting and melodic trance composition, and when you then add the beautiful voice of Jennifer Rene, nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t do that here. Taking you down and deep into emotional and moody territory, we get ‘The First Year’ with vocals from Cari. A track and production that really hits you deep, beacause the mood and the lyrics and vocal performance here, are jusr phenomenal, breathtaking and so touching! Just close your eyes, listen and get carried away.

‘Snowstorm’ is hitting us next, another cool and energy loaded instrumental, that is a great journey into the world of sounds from Somna, that he really knows how to deliver and compose, so they sit perfectly into a wholehearted storytelling/composition. Wonderful and powerful track. ‘Rebels’ is next, where the vocals are delivered from Emoiryah. Here you once more get a solid vocal performance, and again a compelling and strong production hand from Somna, delivering beautiful beats and synths straight to the body and mind. Shifting a bit in gear and tempo/genre, we then get treated with ‘Moon & Back’ with Aloma Steele on vocal, and a heavy and cool break-beat/dub-step sounding production from Somna, that really is a great and nice surprise on the album I must say, and cool too see him try out other musical territories.

Taking us into the last parts of this, so far, great and beautiful album, we get ‘Secret’, with Haliene on vocal. Powerful and hammering sounds and beats are here thrown at you, and you can only let yourself surrender, and start to dance around and get carried away by this, because it’s a wonderful and energy loaded track, that hits you and takes you to the dancefloor straight away. And you might as well just stay there, because ‘White Noise’ with Sally Oh on the vocals keeps up that atmosphere and energy on the next track, feeding and keeping you up with a solid energy and rocking beats and bassline kicks from Somna. Melissa Loretta treats our ears and mind on ‘Constant Fire’, and this production and vocals does actually light a fire inside you I think, because it is a really hot and gorgeous composition/production and vocal you get here.

Closing the album, and giving us the big and overwhelming finale, it’s time to let yourself be carried away and up with Enzo & Roxanne Emery on ‘Long Way Down’, and what a grand finale this is! Uplifting, beautiful, touching and hitting all the right feels and spots I think, Somna really delivers and makes a strong point on this album with a sublime and gorgeous production, filled with so many sounds/beats and emotions. Incredible!

Conclusion: A debut album that really does deliver, and takes you by storm. Somna knows excatly how to hit and push the right buttons, feelings and emotions, and put them into music and deliver them straight for your body and soul! Rating: 8/10.

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01. The Journey
02. Beside You (with Noire Lee)
03. More (with BLÜ EYES)
04. Dreamcatcher (with LTN)
05. Morse Code (with Michele C)
06. Stars Collide (with Jennifer Rene)
07. The First Year (with Cari)
08. Snowstorm
09. Rebels (with Emoiryah)
10. Moon & Back (with Aloma Steele)
11. Secret (with HALIENE)
12. White Noise (with Sally Oh)
13. Constant Fire (with Melissa Loretta)
14. Long Way Down (with ENZO & Roxanne Emery)

Somna – Beside You (Magik Muzik / Black Hole Recordings) is available now.

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