Orkidea Gets The Nod To Deliver ‘Pure Progressive Vol. 1’

It took a shade under thirty months for Pure Progressive to rock past its one-hundredth release. In that time, the label brought every progressive operator of note through its doors and onto floors. Penner, Barone, O’Glue, Saint-Jules, Schossow, Driftmoon, and label owner, Solarstone. But, Pure Progressive resisted a full-blown compilation until now.

Time is time though and July 2020 sees Solarstone’s progressive progeny emphatically score that notch. At the wheelhouse of its 2-disc set is none other than Finland’s, Orkidea – a genre prognosticator himself who’s recorded for the label many times. Notably perhaps it was One Man’s Dream – their hundredth release, as well as his longstanding association with Solarstone – that saw him earmarked to mix ‘PP Vol. 1.’ Either way he’s seized both opportunity and reins to deliver a stupendously mixed first edition – and one that brings the best of his and the label’s artistic cohort to your ears.

Genre forefathers like Way Out West rub shoulders with scene-starters like Paul Oakenfold, whilst a host of respected outfits from its dawn – DeepskySunscreem, Desert, Slusnik Luna, Pink Bomb and others – see their works remix-reimagined.

Orkidea’s split his work down the middle, dividing it into “Artist” and “DJ” mixes. The former offers a major spyglass into what his album follow-up to 2015’s Harmonia beholds. In-mixed-form it features 12 tracks, including premieres for new cuts like Rebel Time and his Sunscreem team-up Perfect Motion, as well as the just-out-there That Feeling. The latter meanwhile comes flush with many of the finest from 2020’s progressive class. Yotto, Grum, Paul Thomas, gardenstate, Forerunners, Allende and a horde of others pack out the second disc’s track list. Collectively ‘Pure Progressive Vol. 1’ serves the clearest possible vision of what’s-currently-what in the world of progressive.

Courtesy: Pure Progressive

Breaking down the sound he played his part in founding, Orkidea says: “To me, progressive has always been that perfect mixture of House and Trance. It has the slow groove and pumping bassline of the former, but with the melody, emotion and atmosphere of the latter. Essentially it’s a bridge between those two identitiesI fell in love with its first wave, when it was the underground sound of German Trance played by the likes of Sven Väth. At the same time in UK the Progressive House got trancier & trancier with the likes of Sasha & Digweed making and playing their version of the genre, best showcased through the legendary Renaissance compilations.

What resonated with these two musical families was the exciting, cutting edge, uplifting, credible, sexy, funky and underground side. This is something that I miss in much of today’s music and hope to bring with this compilation. I’ve split the focus equally between the deep basslines and the uplifting chords. The build-ups are slower, sounds more experimental and atmospheres more hypnotic than in most of today’s uplifting Trance.

The first one is “The Artist Mix” which presents my production sound of recent years. It features recent singles including ‘Forward Forever’ & ‘Metta’, alongside some exclusive mixes of my lesser-known track favorites. The second is “The DJ Mix” and that describes the sound I’ve advanced at events like EDC, Amsterdam Dance Event, Luminosity & Transmission, where I’ve had the pleasure to perform. The key element here is “progression”, with a proper musical journey taking you up from its opening deeper atmospheres to its driving and more Trance-laced climax. I hope you enjoy the sonic picture I have painted with this release, and as I always say: ‘forward forever!”

Release date: July 17, 2020

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Orkidea – Pure Progressive Vol. 1

Mix 1 – The Artist

  1. Way Out West – Earth (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
  2. Orkidea – Rebel Time
  3. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion V
  4. Orkidea – Forward Forever
  5. Orkidea & Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Extended Mix)
  6. Orkidea – Metta
  7. Deepsky – Cosmic Dancer (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
  8. Orkidea – One Man’s Dream (Pure Progressive Mix)
  9. Paul Oakenfold featuring Little Nikki – Only Us (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix)
  10. Slusnik Luna – Valssi (Orkidea Pure Progressive Edit)
  11. Orkidea – Higher State (Pure Progressive Edit)
  12. Orkidea – That Feeling

Mix 2 – The DJ

  1. Macker – Lost in Space
  2. Solarstone & JES – Like A Waterfall (Forerunners Remix)
  3. Forerunners – Stream of Consciousness
  4. Desert – Moods (Mr. A + SØNIN Remix)
  5. Yotto – Tarantia
  6. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion IV (F-Act Remix)
  7. Elfsong – Crenshinibon (Dub Mix)
  8. ZOYA – Bright Star
  9. gardenstate – Bloom
  10. Milla Lehto – World Outside
  11. Paul Thomas & White-Akre – Vyote (Grum Remix)
  12. Dreams & D.N.A. – Frequency Modulated Universe
  13. Allende – Fate
  14. Pink Bomb – Indica (Orkidea & Solarstone Pure Progressive Remix

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