Amir Hussain vs. Danny Stubbs – ‘Clocks’

This past week, I enjoyed some blazing hot sunshine at a local park on my day off work. As I was throwing a tennis ball against a wall (yes, I lead an exciting life) and listening to music through my earbuds with my phone in my back pocket, one of “those songs” popped into my head for absolutely no rhyme or reason. The song was Coldplay‘s Clocks, and it got me to thinkin’ out loud (don’t judge, you do it, too).

“Wait a second, Amir and Danny both did remakes of this song, and I’ve interviewed them both. What if I did a casual article showcasing the two songs, and let the readers decide which one they like best?” (or, something along those lines)

So, I messaged both producers asking them to write a couple of paragraphs describing their respective songs. You know, “what was your inspiration” and all the other typical bullshit questions we as “journalists” (bloggers) ask music artists. But, I didn’t tell them what this was for. I just said, “I’ve got something planned for your song on Trance Farm, and I think you’ll enjoy it!”

Amir was the first to respond. As you all may know, he’s become a lover of Progressive sounds over the past year or so, and he responded with the following:

“I was inspired by a lovely Progressive remix of “Bittersweet Symphony” doing the rounds at the time when I remixed “Clocks.” The vibe was meant to be very simple and laid back with just the right amount of feel-good floatiness to it.” – Amir Hussain

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Courtesy: Amir Hussain SoundCloud

Danny responded the next day, and wrote a frickin’ book! Again, the Perfecto Records mainstay didn’t know what this was going to be used for and offered the following (deep breaths, and go!):

“Always been a fan of Coldplay. I remember buying their album ‘Parachutes’ ’round about the time I was doing my final year at school. Worrying about exams, excited/nervous about the future, and generally everything that goes through a teenager’s mind at that time in their lives. I never had a huge collection of music, I’d just buy a song or an album that I liked and then have it on repeat until I felt satisfied that I’d listened to it enough times, and this was definitely one of those albums. So, you could say some of my favorite songs over the years have been made by Coldplay because they hold such deep memories.

I was driving in the car one day, really nice weather, radio on – as you do – in an amazing mood, in my own little world, and ‘Clocks’ came on, so the usual turn it louder and singalong. That same evening going through some music on YouTube with a glass of wine and chatting away, I stumbled across a beautiful little song by Coldplay called ‘Fly On’ (Flock of Birds). I remember thinking how amazing the piano and vocal was in that song. I also remembered ‘Clocks’ came on the radio that day as well. It made me stay in a good mood, so I felt really inspired to do something creative (That’s normally how the process works for me. If I’m in a good mood and at peace, I’m far more creative).

Basically, I had the idea, started straight away, and within 2 days, I had sent it for mastering. Projects flow really well when I can visualize or hear the end product in my mind.

I’m really happy with it! I’m certain it will never see a release, but it’s something unique to use in my DJ sets, and it’s there for people to listen to and enjoy if they wish.

I’m happy to be creative with something already beautiful.” – Danny Stubbs

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Courtesy: Danny Stubbs SoundCloud

Now, it’s your turn. After what you’ve read and heard, let me know which version you prefer in the social media comments or in the comment section below. Keep in mind this is not a competition, and there is no winner here. These are two completely different remakes. The sole point of this article is to entertain you by two of the nicest and all-around good guys I’ve had the pleasure of making acquaintances with over the past couple of years.

Also, let me know what other remakes of the same song by different artists you would like featured. I can see this becoming a regular fun series for the website.


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