Editorial: What Does Tiësto’s VER:WEST Alias Mean For Trance?

Out of nowhere, Tiësto (real name Tijs Michael Verwest) has caused a buzz across the dance music scene by introducing a 15-second snippet of a new song that was presented at the end of a recent live stream.

Courtesy: VERWEST Facebook
Courtesy: Enzo M. YouTube

The 7 min 23 second track, 5 Seconds Before Sunrise, is released through Musical Freedom‘s sub-label AFTR:HRS on July 17th, 2020.

AFTR:HRS was created to release more underground and deep music, separating it from Musical Freedom. Tiësto’s new alias is presented with the colon in the middle – VER:WEST, the same as AFTR:HRS.

So, now the guessing game begins. Is this a possible return to Trance by the legendary artist who has brought so much joy to listeners in years gone by and inspiration for today’s producers? Or, is this another reason to debate and bash one of the more hated electronic music artists of all time for leaving Trance in the first place?

First of all, what you’re hearing isn’t Trance, I’ll agree with Amir Hussain in his public assessment that it’s Progressive House at best. Second, who cares? Well, Tiësto’s marketing team does because it’s creating what they wanted the most, discussion, and hype across all genres of electronic music, especially Trance. It’s working and working very well.

Read my conversation with Amir Hussain here.

So, let the mind-fuck begin because no matter what happens with this song, it’s sure to hit #1 on the Beatport charts when it’s released, and that’s what Tiësto wants.

I’d love to get your reaction in the comment section below, but in the end, this has nothing to do with the Trance scene.

Let the man be, for crying out loud. Stop hating on the guy because he didn’t do what you (Trance fan) wanted years ago. Life is too short. Just enjoy the music.

Erik Lake

All this machinery making modern music can still be open hearted.

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