Cameron Mo: “There Were Lots of Sunshine Images Drawn in Making This Song!”

We recently caught up with Manchester, England’s Cameron Mo, to discuss his upcoming song, Open The Cage courtesy of Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE).

Although the very special and personal song was written before the current world situation unfolded, many labels are holding back releases in hopes of better support from the DJs who play them live. But, after a conversation with FSOE HQ, they both decided that a July 24, 2020 release date would be ideal because of the track name and its content. After all, music soothes the soul during these uncertain times.

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The track features vocals from the lovely Horf. According to Cameron, “Horf is someone very close to me. A while back, I asked her how she was doing, and her response was in French. Although not a cheerful response, her voice was amazing, and I knew that I had to use her vocals in a future song. Open The Cage was already in the making, and Fadi (Wassef Naguib) approved. I knew the uplifting melody would be perfect with her haunting vocals.” A firm believer that a track must have a strong melody; after several attempts, it was nailed down. “I sometimes write silly notes and drawings to get the melody from my mind to the computer, so you will be glad to know there were lots of sunshine images!”

Courtesy: FSOE

As for the song, it’s an energetic/pumping Trance effort, and one of Cameron’s favorite productions. Often, by the time a song is officially released, producers have heard the song countless times because of the editing process. However, with Open The Cage, Cameron “still listens to this on the regular.” He continued, “I love the melody and am excited to hear the response from everyone! For me, this is a summer track, and I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces.”

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Note: With grateful support from Paul Thomas, Aly & Fila, and the rest of the team at FSOE, Cameron was looking forward to playing this song as an ID at Birmingham’s Tunnel Club on June 20, 2020. As one of the promoters of the event, it was organized by Rise Up And Rave, a group that supports charities through music along with a regular radio program featuring some of today’s top DJs.

Postponed Rise Up And Rave Part Two Event Flyer

Release date: July 24, 2020

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