From Live-Streams to Festivals, 15-Year-Old Tyler Jack is Belfast’s Rising Star

15-year-old Belfast DJ Tyler Jack first received a set of decks at age 12. Since then, he’s gained a respectable following in the Trance and Techno scene while performing alongside Timmy Trumpet and catching the eye of Ben Nicky.

But, before all of this, Tyler was just another prodigy DJ uploading videos to social media. Before long, people took notice, and his audience has grown exponentially especially during the stay at home orders here his live-streams were people’s remedy to a nightclub fix. Local promoters began to take notice and soon Tyler was offered nightclub and festival spots in place of birthday parties and social events.

Last year Tyler was invited by a promoter to play in front of hundreds of people alongside Timmy Trumpet at an after-party in Belfast’s Telegraph Building. With Timmy being one of Tyler’s idols, it was a dream come true.

Tyler performing at Shorefest, Custom House Square in November 2019, alongside Welsh DJ Sam Jones

Tyler has also had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ben Nicky who is a fan of the young DJ. Ben has given Tyler valuable advice and become a mentor of sorts to Tyler.

Tyler’s music is a combination of Techno, Trance and Hardcore.

He also understands the obvious complications of being an underage DJ – no drinking and always with a chaperone – but he’s excited to begin touring again once restrictions are lifted.

As for his school work, Tyler has a regimented schedule of class work during the week, gigs on the weekends, and prep for school again on Sunday.

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