Giuseppe Ottaviani, NASH, and Clara Yates Have Fun With “Zombie”

The wonderful video rendition of the Guns N’ Roses smash hit Sweet Child Of Mine with Garuda recording artist NASH and IDMA (International Dance Music Awards) nominated female vocalist of the year Clara Yates was released six weeks ago.

After viewing The Greenroom project release, Trance producer/ DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani sent a cheeky message to Clara, saying, “….if you ever need a drummer….” The two artists duly noted their friend Giuseppe’s almost child-like, “Hey, I want to play, too! Can I be in your little band?” request, and went on with their day.

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But, before this three-way collaboration with another fun song could occur, Clara collapsed just 20 minutes after filming the Sweet Child Of Mine video. Rushed to an area hospital, Clara had two 13 centimeter tumors removed from her uterus. Recovering after surgery, Clara remembers texting Gabe (NASH’s real name is Gabriel Wenner). “I was high as a kite!” Clara recalled. “I messaged Gabe and told him that we should do Zombie.” He, of course, agreed.

It turns out that the 1993 hit song by the Irish group The Cranberries is also one of Giuseppe’s favorite songs, and after a WhatsApp text from Clara holding him to his offer, the popular Italian was in. Two months later, and with some much-needed recovery time by Clara, here we are. “That’s the whole thing with these fun Greenroom covers,” Gabe explained. “They’re super chill, and there’s no reason to rush things. We’re not going anywhere.”

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As with many Trance artists, the three are well-versed in other instruments. Clara is a talented bass player, Gabe enjoys the guitar, and Giuseppe plays the drums. For this go-around, Clara elected not to play the acoustic bass for Zombie for fear of disrupting her recovery. “That song has a lot of arm movements and chord progressions,” she said. “And, even though the stubbornness in me wanted to do it, I decided it wasn’t best. Plus, I don’t have calluses anymore! I need to start practicing again.” So, Gabe’s result was to record the guitar, bass, and backing vocals while Giuseppe plays the drums, and Clara belt out her beautiful vocals. “She nailed it!” Gabe exclaimed.

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And, what a great way to showcase their talents that most fans don’t regularly see. Most of today’s social media followers of their favorite Trance artists only see what they’ve done in the studio or on the road. This project is a way for fans, especially the younger ones, to realize that most of these people are classically trained and have been in bands or choir groups before their current careers. “It takes years to be able to read sheet music,” Clara said, “It’s important for younger artists to expand their horizons and have fresh ears with all types of music.”

With the diversity of his music, Gabe announced on July 13, 2020, that while he is very supportive of the recording labels he’s signed with, he wants to start self-releasing music – a trend that many artists are undertaking. His home label, Garuda, owned by Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge, is on a bit of a hiatus with both artists now self-releasing. I asked Gabe if this fun song, and future side projects, would ever be released with his new Greenroom Music brand. “Nah,” Gabe said. “I’m keeping a distinction between these fun, cover sessions, and my productions.”

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Courtesy: NASH Facebook

Going forward, I asked whether any future side projects such as this could be produced with proceeds going to charity? “I hadn’t thought of that, to be honest,” Gabe said, “It’s a great idea, and perhaps we’ll explore it!”

As for Giuseppe, who wasn’t available for our chat, he wanted to let people know that he thoroughly enjoyed beating the fuck out of his drums. “Anything else you want to say besides that, Giuseppe?” Clara asked him before our chat. “Nope, that’s about it!”

The video of Giuseppe, NASH, and Clara performing The Cranberries’ Zombie will be released on their respective Instagram channels July 26, 2020.

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