Mat Zo Reveals Date For New Album; Releases Third Single

 One of dance music’s most enigmatic figures returns home to Anjunabeats.  

GRAMMY-nominated producer Mat Zo is back with a brand new artist album set for release in October: Illusion Of Depth. At the age of 30, this is the London-born, L.A.-based producer’s third artist LP.  

He broke onto the scene in 2008 and has been causing an uproar ever since. In the early ’00s, he penned Anjunabeats classics like The Lost and Synapse Dynamics which were far ahead of their time. They were followed by the likes of Superman, The Sky, and Rebound (with Arty). He pushed the Anjunabeats sound to the main stage, racking up spins from Pete Tong, Axwell, and Armin van Buuren.  

It was his GRAMMY-nominated debut album Damage Control that fully showcased Mat’s avant-garde approach in 2013. Featuring break-out hit Easy with close friend Porter Robinson, the track took Mat mainstream: a Radio 1 A-List addition, Sirius XM BPM listing, a #1 Billboard Heatseeking record, an Essential Mix of the year nomination and, ultimately, a GRAMMY nomination for best electronic album.   

Mat Zo

Since then, Mat has grown his own stable. Self-releasing his second LP in 2016, Self Assemble, via Mad Zoo, Mat’s imprint nurtured a new generation of eclectic, genre-agnostic creators. He’s stayed close with Anjunabeats through that time, joining Above & Beyond for shows at Madison Square Garden and Huntington Beach and Anjunabeats label shows around North America.  

We come full circle with Illusion of Depth, a modern homage to the sounds that made him a star. 

“I started working on Illusion of Depth because I wanted to make a body of work that was cohesive. I’m usually known for being all over the place, but I wanted to make an album that had unifying qualities. In this case, partly it’s the tempo. Everything on the album is in the 124-128 bpm range, but within that constraint, I still managed to be all over the place stylistically. There’s also a lot more live/non-digital elements on this album than my previous work. I was getting really tired of how clean everything is in this corner of dance music. Above all else, I wanted to make an album with grit, texture, and attitude. I wanted to make a fuck you statement to the safe, sugary, fluffy world of a post-EDM Trance,” Mat says.   

Prepare for another helter-skelter trip through a pick-n’-mix of styles. Illusion Of Depth begins with the brash In Media Res. Next, it’s Zo’s ode to 90’s warehouse Techno: The Next Chapter featuring legendary jungle/D&B MC GQ. Then, all of a sudden, Love Songs and some French, filter House. The album introduces Atlanta-based Olan, a singer, and producer that Mat has worked with for a number of years. There’s a nod to classic rave culture and the Chemical Brothers with her vocals on Problems while closing track Paralysis is a cinematic rock crescendo.  

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“A big part of the conception of the album came from working with Olan. She’s a highly skilled singer, songwriter, and producer and we’ve known each other for years. We had been in the studio working on a bunch of material before this, and that helped us grow a common musical identity. When it came to writing this album we were already comfortable with each other. This allowed the songs on the album, to be honest, opposed to a bunch of top-lines plastered on top of already formed tracks. Every song we wrote together is personal, sincere, and holds a lot of meaning for both of us,” Zo continues.  

Olan adds, Problems was a song that came together seamlessly at the time. We wrote the entire song in a day, but its meaning and depth wasn’t clear to m until recently. It feels like a conversation with myself or some inner spirit that’s trying to find some neutral ground or peace when I’m overwhelmed by things I can’t control. The lyrics seem to be about accepting things as they come and trust the voice in my head that tells me to keep trying my best.”  

Illusion of Depth can be pre-ordered here for its October 9, 2020 release via Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats.

Problems, the new single is out now.

Courtesy Mat Zo & Anjunabeats

Mat Zo – Illusion Of Depth Tracklist  

I Media Res 

Love Songs 

The Next Chapter feat. GQ

Problems feat. Olan Bruxism 

Fly While You’re Still Free 


Dangerous Feeling

Colours feat. Olan

Paralysis feat. Olan 

Begin Again  

Courtesy Mat Zo & Anjuabeats

Problems feat. Olan Lyrics  

I know it feels like you’re taking steps backwards

But I promise that it won’t be for the rest of your life

And second guessing never made things happen

So I promise that it’s not worth losing the rest of your mind 

Problems follow you no matter where you go

Those problems follow you no matter where you go or what you do 

I know it feels like you’re taking steps backwards

But I promise it’s not gonna be for the rest of your life

And second guessing never made things happen

And second guessing never made things happen   

With seconds to go nothing to lose I will follow you

I’m ready to go nothing to prove I will follow you

With seconds to go nothing to lose I will follow you

I’m ready to go nothing to prove I will follow you home 

Seconds to go nothing to lose

I’m ready to go nothing to prove 

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