15 Fun Facts About Anjunabeats Volume 15

  1. Anjunabeats is celebrating its 20 year anniversary.

2. On Friday, July 31, 2020, they are releasing Anjunabeats Volume 15. 

3. It is a 34-track mix on 2 CDs

4. It has exclusive and unheard selections from Above & Beyond and family members of the imprint, such as Jordin Post, Le Youth, Andrew Bayer, Gabriel & Dresden, Oliver Smith, Mat Zo, Tinlicker and more.

5. Disc one is a deeper, Progressive mix. It shows talent by Above & Beyond’s Deep House label, Anjunadeep.

6. The second disc displays the Trance sound that Anjunabeats is known for.

7. The second disc also has six Above & Beyond contributions, including three new club instrumentals. 

8. Tony McGuiness, Jono Grant, and Paavo Siljamäki take turns curating the label’s mixes and compilations.

15 Fun Facts About Anjunabeats Volume 15
Above & Beyond

9. Tony did this one.

10. It was the first time Tony has had to do it remotely as a result of the current world situation.

11. Tony had to buy a new laptop since he didn’t have a big enough hard drive. 

12. Tony initially had around 50 tracks for Anjunabeats Volume 15.

13. He narrowed it down so it’ll show the best of Anjunabeats from this time.

14. The songs are arranged to sound like one mix that starts small and gets bigger when the two CDs are played together. 

15. This is Tony’s favorite compilation that the label has put out in some time. 

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