Viktor Kidson Pens A Heartfelt In Memoriam To Dimitri de Wit

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Viktor Kidson of Kidson Media over the past year. After allowing me to interview him – something he’s unaccustomed to as he’s the one always holding the microphone – we’ve remained in touch.

These days, his life has taken more of a family approach with the birth of his son in his new home of Australia with his beautiful girlfriend, Amanda. Although the time differences make it difficult for us to communicate regularly, I’m proud to call Viktor my friend.

Below is a beautiful piece Viktor put together for a great man who passed after a brief battle with cancer, Dimitri de Wit, and it’s one of the more heartfelt In Memoriam’s I’ve read this week:

“It has been a few days since Dimitri de Wit sadly passed away, but it still feels surreal. Despite his best attempts to fight and keep positive, he lost a short but hard battle to cancer on August 6th 2020.

I first met Dimitri back in 2012, I was at a hotel in Amsterdam meeting Giuseppe Ottaviani for an interview. As I was leaving after the interview, I saw Dimitri standing outside, I walked up to him and said hi. We’d never met before but I knew who he was and I was excited and a bit nervous to finally get to meet him. Quickly our conversation turned open heartedly and we talked about trance, Tiësto and just life in general.

Dimitri really did live life to the fullest, he could light up a room as he walked through the door, he had an amazing energy around him, and he has done so, so much for our beloved trance scene. From helping up and coming artists with advice, managing Tiësto during the peak of his career, organizing events all over the world, to booking, managing and signing music from so many artists.

As I was leaving the hotel that day, I mentioned that I would love to sit down and do an interview with him one day. He smiled and said: ”Yes, maybe one day”.

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Viktor Kidson (l) & Dimitri de Wit (r)

That one day happened 6 years later in Zürich, and it was one interview I had done in my head so many times. We had an amazing conversation and it turned out even more in-depth than I could have imagined, and I enjoyed every second of it.

We talked about his own musical journey as DJ, how he met Tijs for the first time, how he became the driving force behind the artist, and many times also the opening DJ. The first Tiësto in concert, the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the Elements of life world tour are just some of the events that he’s had a major role in. Dimitri was also a big part of creating a musical legacy, building one of the biggest trance artists in the scene.

I recently spoke to a very close friend of Dimitri, she told me that he was at peace. He was calm, and he was ready for his next journey. He’s now sorting out backstage and VIP passes somewhere else. I feel proud and very fortunate that I got to meet him, and that we got to sit down for a chat.

Please enjoy this interview, and always remember the smiling, energetic and incredible dance music icon: Dimitri De Wit.”

Love, Viktor

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