Aly & Fila’s Manager Pays Tribute To Dimitri de Wit

Everyone in the Trance music scene is familiar with Aly & Fila and their recording label, Future Sound Of Egypt.

But, there is a large team of dedicated people working behind the scenes ensuring each song signed to the FSOE imprint is of the highest quality, and the events the brand showcases around the world create memories for years to come.

One of those people is Stuart Roberts, the co-owner of the label and the manager of Aly & Fila courtesy of Taj Bola‘s Assured Agency.

Dimi helped jumpstart the career of the famous Egyptian DJ duo and their record label, and was instrumental in Stuart’s upbringing into a key position within the brand.

Stuart was kind enough to pen his memories of Dimitri de Wit:

“In 2007, I managed Dutch star Sied Van Rielin and in my early tenure as the manager/booking agent for Aly & Fila. Looking to grow their status in the industry, I sent a hesitant email to Tiësto’s manager, Dimitri de Wit, who owned Twenty 4 Management. Everyone had heard of Dimitri, and I was intimidated to email him, but when I finally met him at an event in 2009, he would shape me not only as a manager and booking agent but as a person. Sied was friends with Dimitri, and through the early years of our opening for Tiësto at events, we all decided to move to Dimitri’s company.

It was the start of a journey that can only be described as inspiring. Dimitri started to believe in Aly & Fila and Future Sound of Egypt like I did. Together, we formed a great double act. I was the good cop, and he was the bad cop – always there for me when I had a life or work problem to solve. He always had my back and had a heart of gold.

Dimiti de Wit (l) and FSOE co-director Stuart Roberts (r)
Dimitri de Wit (l) & Stuart Roberts (r)

Dimitri played a big part in the growth of Aly & Fila and Future Sound of Egypt brands. I learned so much from him, and I will be forever grateful for that. But, what made Dimi stand out most was not only his dedication to his work, but his larger than life character. Boy, we had some amazing times traveling the world together, attending parties, and arranging FSOE parties worldwide.

He was full of life and enjoyed everything. Dimitri was like a father-figure to me in the music industry, helping and guiding daily for ten years. He touched so many lives, and the memories we shared will be cherished forever.

In 2016, he became the CEO of Future Sound of Egypt recordings. All of us at Aly & Fila and Future Sound of Egypt will miss him dearly. He took me under his wing in 2009 and helped me to grow in all possible ways, what a guy.

Dimi, we love you, and we will miss you. You were the life and soul of the party. He lived his life the Dimi way, and I’ll always remember his deep voice calling, ‘Heyyy Stuwie.’

Goodbye, my friend, until we meet again.


Erik Lake

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