Listen: The Conductor & The Cowboy Are Back With A New Vocal Single

It took exactly 20 years, to release the official follow-up to Feeling This Way by The Conductor & The Cowboy.

Sail Away saw the light in June 2020, and proved that The Conductor & The Cowboy are still capable of delivering hit records.

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The song charted in multiple Beatport charts, hit the number 1 spot on both the Trance Hype and Trance Releases chart, and received support from ReOrder, Steve Allen, Solarstone, Suzy Solar, Johan Gielen, Matt Bokuvski and Paul Van Dyk.

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Today, it’s time to announce the follow-up to Sail Away, and this time, it only took 2 months.

Courtesy: The Conductor & The Cowboy / Premier League Recordings

Set Me Free is another energetic feel-good track, with singer Aero again featured on vocals.

Rejuvenated by his twenty-year absence, Adam Pracy is back as one of the premier Trance producers in the world.

The release package includes a Club Mix and two powerful interpretations from producers Nth Factor and Binary Ensemble.

A Dub Mix is included as well.

Set Me Free is available now for purchase here courtesy of Premier League Recordings.

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