Columbus, Ohio’s Entel Is Rapidly Making A Name For Himself

Entel (real name Anthony Bergamesca) is a Progressive House Producer & DJ from Columbus, Ohio.

Starting with guitar at an early age, Entel fell in love with the songwriting process. Starting in bands, he began producing demos and helping other groups in town record their material. This developed into a passion for synthesis and composing songs in Ableton Live.

While attending Ohio University for Audio Production, Entel began producing and DJing music. Upon graduation, he moved back to Columbus and has been pushing his progressive sounds ever since.

With a focus on emotional and melodic music that pulls its listener in, Entel’s goal is to create a freeing environment on a dance floor that encourages one to lose themselves in a moment.

When not performing, he spends his time at AWSOM Studios, producing music and
working on an array of collaborative projects. In addition, he has his radio show, Entel Radio, with a focus on pushing Progressive and Trance music in the Mid-West.

His latest single, You’ve Got Me, courtesy of Azureon: Submerged (Artist Intelligence Agency) is a little melodic reminder that you’ve got friends around you that care and are there when you need them.

Courtesy: Entel SoundCloud

When Entel was a child, his dad would say this to him quite often, ‘You’ve got me, dude.’ The vocal sample is an ode to that phrase being told to him growing up. The melodies built around it are meant to compliment that emotion.

He’s recently gained support from Cristoph in his last Consequence of Society mixes with his additional material, and You’ve Got Me was recently added to Spotify’s #Anjunaunlocked playlist.

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