John Askew To Headline England’s First Post-COVID-19 Trance Music Festival

Anomaly Events UK, a Birmingham, England, promotions brand, has pulled off the unthinkable.

With the current world situation wreaking havoc on every aspect of our lives, Anomaly founder Rich Miller and company have received the go-ahead from local officials for an outdoor Trance festival, Summer of Love 2020, in nearby Bromsgrove, England – approximately ten miles outside of Birmingham.

With a reduced capacity of 300 people, the two-stage, 11-hour event will occur in a secluded countryside location on August 22, 2020.

The event is also in celebration of the Anomaly brand’s fourth anniversary.

This is a pre-sale ticketed event, and to avoid non-ticket holders from arriving, the final location will be revealed via email to ticket holders on August 21, 2020.

Courtesy: Anomaly

Tickets – £37.50+bf each
Parking – £6+bf per car
Camping – £10+bf per tent/motor-home/caravan (Max 6 persons)

Purchase tickets here.

Ticket sales end on August, 20, 2020 @ 11:45 p.m. – No exceptions.

VII recording label founder John Askew will headline the festival. Among the supporting DJs, the brand has gone all-out with seventeen confirmed invitations from The Thrillseekers, Ciaran McAuley, Billy Gillies, AJ Gibson, Peter Steele, Danny Eaton, Will Rees, Sholan, and many more.

Times are as follows:
Car Park: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Entering site)
Car Park: 10:00 p.m. open – 12:00 a.m. close (Leaving site)
Camp site: 10:00 a.m. site opens for campers to set-up. Closes 12:00 a.m.
Festival Area: 11:00 a.m. open – 11:00 p.m. close – gates close for entry at 4:00 p.m.
Music starts at 12:00 p.m. (Noon)

“After six months of our events getting postponed, we are happy we have the green light to finally put on a show,” Rich excitedly said. “There is a lot of effort and cost involved to set-up a socially distanced event like this, but we wanted to give our fellow rave community something to look forward to in supporting local UK artists, the stage production and lighting crew, catering suppliers, freelance technicians, and the local community.”

In regards to the 300-person capacity, Rich added, “The event is an open field that can host 50,000 people, so with the right rules and regulations, on-site enforcement, and mutual respect from our customers, we can rave safe at a distance.”

Courtesy: Anomaly

Groups (Bubbles) are limited to six people. When buying your ticket, you must include the names of other ticket holders in your bubble. Upon arrival and before entry, wristbands will be issued, and your full contact details will be taken for Track & Trace purposes.

Outside food or drinks (no picnic baskets) are not permitted in the festival area.

Once entered into the event, you may not assemble with people from another bubble. If you arrive alone or have less than six people in your arriving group, you will be assigned a bubble with other ticket holders. If you fail to list people in your bubble when buying your ticket, you will be assigned one upon entry.

For convenience, Anomaly has created a Facebook group where people can find others looking to form a bubble.

There will be 4-meter square boxes spray-painted on the ground in front of both stages.
Upon entry, you will be asked to choose a box number for your bubble in front of Stage #1. This will be your box for the day (Boxes are first come, first serve). Blankets, foldable chairs, and tables are welcome.

If some members of your bubble wish to visit stage #2, find an empty box in front of that stage for your bubble. When returning to stage #1, bubble members must return to your designated box number.

Masks inside your box are unnecessary, but when moving around the site, ordering food and drink or visiting the toilets, masks are recommended (unless exempt).

No Re-Entry. Once entering the festival grounds, you may not leave and re-enter the site.

However, camping is available off-site. You may leave the festival area to return to your campsite, but upon returning to the festival area, you will again be searched.

Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available on the festival grounds for purchase. This is a cashless event, and ticket holders are required to purchase items with only a bank, credit or pre-paid card.

Arrows will be spray-painted on the grounds and signs posted to direct ticket holders in the correct pathways to food and drink sales.

When ordering food and drink, order for the bubble to limit the number of people outside of a box.

Hand washing stations are available throughout the site.

Toilets are available throughout the site for both men and women.

Disabled facilities are available. However, an advance email is required to to accommodate those in need.

Please bring proper PPE as strobe lighting, high-decibel volumes, and smoke will be displayed at the event.

Dress accordingly.

Clean your area before leaving as Anomaly is aware who is assigned to which box and/or campsite.

Anomaly will not be held responsible for stolen, damaged, or lost goods – including your vehicle.

Courtesy: Anomaly

A list of nearby services are below:

HOTELS Holiday Inn Birmingham – Bromsgrove – 0333 320 9322
Premier Inn Bromsgrove Central hotel – 0333 777 3965
Premier Inn Birmingham South (Rubery) hotel – 0333 777 3915
Premier Inn Birmingham South (Longbridge Station) hotel – 0333 321 9313
Westmead Hotel – 0121 445 1202
Woodlands – 0121 445 6774
Bromsgrove Hotel & Spa – 0871 221 0121
Travelodge Bromsgrove Marlbrook – 0871 559 1809

Budget Taxis – 0121 453 7575
Rubery Taxi Cabs – 0121 403 3665
Clearway Of Catshill – 01527 872 556
Rednal Taxi Cabs – 0121 403 3556
Longbridge Taxi Cabs – 0121 403 3775
Trusty Cars & Taxis Birmingham – 0121 751 0003
RTC Rubery Cars & Taxis – 0121 453 4321

Bromsgrove Station
Barnt Green Station

For further information, visit the Facebook event page.

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