After ‘Lifdagar,’ Nikolauss’ Story Continues With ‘Élivágar’

Lifdagar was the first song Nikolauss (real name Andrei Anechitei) released on Subculture, and two years ago, it was his biggest hit. Now, he’s back on the label to continue the theme with his latest offering, Élivágar (Elivagar).

The song was initially played by the label boss, John O’Callaghan, during the first session of Music First Night back in May, and fans quickly identified it as one of Nikolauss’ works.

Watch John O’Callaghan play Élivágar here.

A lush flowing pad, playful arp, and hypnotic choir, Élivágar features a powerful bassline that drives you into the uplifting state of mind. Exactly like the name, the adventurous riff, and all the layers of the track fill a Trance lover’s heart. 


We all knew this was about to happen. It was really cool to see all the good feedback to Lifdagar, so I had to do it. Going back to my passion for the Norse mythology with the name, I think I couldn’t find a better one. Lifdagar means life in the old Icelandic, and it was one of the fastest melodies that took life in my mind.  

With Élivágar, the same thing happened. I just had to keep the idea in my mind a bit longer, to get back home from the office, and open Ableton to put everything in place. First listen of the results and instant goosebumps, knowing what was to become. Élivágar means Ice Waves and it is the name of the rivers that filled the primordial void (Ginnungagap) at the beginning of the world. The story behind it is longer and, also, connected to giants, so I can only hope this track will live up to its name.” – Nikolauss  

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Élivágar entered Beatport’s Trance chart after only two days, and with positive feedback and support worldwide, it’s climbing quickly.

Élivágar is available for purchase now.  

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