NASH Follows an Ongoing Trend by Self-Releasing Latest Single “Sometimes”

While he’s grateful to all the record companies he’s signed with in the past, including FSOE and Garuda/Armada, UK DJ/ Trance Producer, NASH, has decided to self-release his future releases under Greenroom Music.

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NASH – “Sometimes” (Greenroom Music) Cover Art

NASH launches The Greenroom despite of the current world situation.

The Greenroom began as a fun project for the Manchester, England native who wanted to keep busy during the absence of gigs and travel. He occasionally invites other Trance artists to participate in covering some of their favorite rock and roll songs. NASH (real name Gabriel Wenner) is a proficient guitar, and bass player who recently collaborated with Clara Yates and Giuseppe Ottaviani for a stunning remake of The Cranberries hit song, Zombie.

Clara Yates provides one of the more in-depth and personal interviews of her career.

August 21, 2020, will see the first single released under the Greenroom Music brand. Moving away from his typical Emery-Wallbridge style of Trance, NASH ventures in the realms of what sounds like an exciting combination of Swedish/American EDM mixed with a touch of Trance Pop. Sometimes aims to cater to both Pop and dance music fans with its emotive melodies, breath-taking vocal performance, and slick EDM production that took a year to come to fruition.

Courtesy: NASH SoundCloud

But, Sometimes isn’t just a one-off for NASH. The song also points to an interesting new chapter in the young DJ’s career. Already a fan-favorite because of his willingness to personally connect with his followers, NASH’s goal is to further that bond by involving himself in every aspect of this release. From the artwork to the promotional video content, he’s dead-set on providing a continual positive image by stepping into the limelight without the backing of a major recording label.

NASH is no stranger to Trance.

NASH will also be appearing live on the evening of the release via his Greenroom Instagram page (see below) to promote and talk with the fans.

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