Steve Brian Releases First Single Off Upcoming Album “Damage Each Other”

Progressive House and Trance producer Steve Brian has been working on something very personal.

With a baby on the way, the German decided to express his most profound life moments into a musical masterpiece.

Steve Brian – Photo: Dennis Frank (@dennis_is_art)

Damage Each Other is the first single release from his upcoming album, giving us a taste of what to expect for the future releases.

The song begins with Danni Boyler’s heartfelt vocals. As she expresses her feelings about a damaging relationship, her voice gradually becomes more powerful as she realizes the need to let go of toxic behavior.

The song mirrors Danni’s compelling energy in the drop, creating a break-free atmosphere accentuated by Brian’s uplifting and euphoric sounds.

Stream Damage Each Other here.

Lovers damaging each other is just the first peak into Brian’s life.

His upcoming album, 1986, is an intimate project full of love, heartbreak, maturity, and everything in between.

Set for release later this summer courtesy of Enhanced Progressive, 1986 illustrates Brian’s life journey in a creatively unique way.

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