Preview: After Hitting The Floor Running, The Conductor & The Cowboy Slow It Down A Bit

Slowing things down a little from The Conductor & The Cowboy‘s recent outings at 138 and 140 bpm, Take Away My Blues is a 132 b.p.m. Trance song with a more summery vibe and a gorgeous laid back Gaelic influenced vocal from Ceitlin Lilidh.

The track began as a piano and strings ballad written by The Mojo Cams (real name Stephen Bull) and performed by Ceitlin, which went on to become a theme song for mental health awareness.

The Mojo Cams song "Take Away My Blues" Gets a Remix from The Conductor & The Cowboy.
The Mojo Cams (Stephen Bull)

Stephen randomly messaged Adam Pracy on a well known social network and asked if he could share it on his timeline.

Adam listened to the song and decided that he would do more than simply share it.

Adam approached Stephen and asked if he could remix and rework the track into a Conductor & Cowboy track.

Stephen was already familiar with the group’s work, so he readily agreed.

Adam set about creating the new version of Take Away My Blues and the result is an Uplifting Anthemic Vocal Trance track with a catchy euphoric classic arpeggio and hooky vocals, all wrapped up in today’s modern production techniques.

Below is a preview:

Take Away My Blues is available for purchase on August 31, 2020, courtesy of Zuna Recordings.

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