Magnevi Begins His Career With A 3-Song EP

Dutch producer Magnevi makes his debut on Legacy Of Trance Recordings with a 3-track EP.

The virtual A side includes the Intro and Original Mix of Bermuda’s Little Sound

Bermuda’s Little Sound is an energetic, yet summer-ish Trance production that breathes the daunting and spooky aura that surrounds the Bermuda Islands. 

The virtual B side concludes with Devil in Disguise.

Devil In Disguise is a classic uplifting song in every sense of the word.

Beginning with a fierce kick and bassline, the song manages to keep itself under control. Releasing itself bit by bit, the first break includes a small acid bassline – enough to keep you on your toes. As it lures you in further, the big break occurs while gently introducing the main melody in the back-end before the jack in the box of the drop opens to pure euphoria.

Magnevi deserves a chance. It appears this is his first Beatport release, and his socials are newly-formed.

Barry Bijholt of Legacy Of Trance deserves credit for signing him.

Of the three songs, The Intro Mix of Bermuda’s Little Sound is our favorite.

Listen below:

Courtesy Magnevi / Legacy Of Trance

Magnevi’s 3-track EP is available now for purchase.

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