The Story Of One Trance Producer’s Dream That Really Came True

Being signed to a recording label isn’t the only way to be noticed in the over-saturated Trance scene. Creating a bootleg from a classic tune and having the original producer say, “I really like it!” was what started Nth Factor’s (real name Sam Morgan) lightning climb to the top of the Mount Everest of Trance.

Sam always had a dream of reworking Sean Tyas‘ hit single, Lift. The problem was that Sam lacked confidence and didn’t want to be known as the guy who ruined a Trance classic, so he waited. In fact, he waited 20 years, until this past June when his bootleg version was released. “It’s something I had always wanted to do,” Sam explains. “And, with my new-found confidence in my own productions, I knew it was the time to have a crack at it.”

To Sam’s humble surprise, his peers and the public’s reception was overwhelmingly positive. “In a word, wow!” Sam exclaimed. “The support was just mind-blowing! DJs all over the world were playing it in their sets. Even the legend himself, Sean Tyas, said he liked it! I will be eternally thankful to everyone for the support as it did wonders for my self-confidence.”

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But, during those 20 years, Sam had his insecurities about his work as many producers do. Finding a way to turn the styles of Trance into your own personality isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Asked when he discovered his niche, Sam explained, “I actually remember the exact moment, and there is a little story to that. For a long time, I was unsure of my sound. I lacked confidence and struggled with inconsistencies in my productions. I was tasked to remix Apollo by DJ Ten (Stuart) on Trancespired Recordings earlier this year. The deadline was tight, and I was struggling to get a good start on the project. Suddenly, I realized that I was always trying to emulate the sounds of others, and it wasn’t a natural process. So, I decided to start fresh and let my creativity flow into the track naturally. In the end, I was pleased with the result – the song had its own unique character – and received support from Paul Van Dyk.”

Once the Lift bootleg was out and making its way around to the various global livestreams, Sam received a random text message from Adam Pracy of The Conductor & The Cowboy. Needless to say, Sam was more than surprised.

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“Adam reached out to me one afternoon over Facebook,” Sam recalled. “He said that he had noticed my work, listened to my releases, and was considering me for remix duties. Obviously, I was gobsmacked as Adam’s music forms a part of the soundtrack of my youth. We talked for a while and developed a good rapport – he’s a really cool fella with a good sense of humor and a ton of wisdom and experience. The releases he’s planned are the result of 20 years of development. He’s a true musical genius, and I think the fans will be completely amazed by whatever magic he’s undoubtedly brewing next.”

So, within a month Sam had gone from composing a bootleg to receiving the opportunity of a lifetime to remix one of his childhood legends. The studio work on The Conductor & The Cowboy’s feat Aero Vaquera Set me Free took a couple of weeks. The result was an August 10, 2020, Premiere League Recordings release that reached the top ten in the Beatport hype chart.

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This is only the beginning for Nth Factor, and the roaring of his name between releases will echo until the next one comes. His schedule is rapidly filling with collaborations, remixes, and other bootlegs. With a renewed energy with lots of new ideas, Sam is eager to try them out and continue learning.

“There are some tracks in my head that I need to get out at some point,” Sam revealed. “For the minute, I seem to be in demand as a remixer, and I’m happy with that. I find it’s a really rewarding experience to take someone else’s idea and put my twist on it.”

Courtesy: Premiere League Recordings SoundCloud

Every producer listens to music and has ideas of how they would’ve composed the song. Sam is no exception. “You know how it is as a musician, you hear something and think ‘I would have done this part differently’ or ‘that would work better with this sound.’ My strategy is always to pick out the strongest concepts in the original and give them a bigger emphasis.”

Sam feels that 138 b.p.m. Trance will remain a focus, but he’s always dreamt of working in visual media. “I’d love to work in the television, film, or gaming industry,” Sam admits. “Especially things that satisfy my fascination with dark Sci-Fi and post-apocalyptic settings. So, I hope to make that happen!”

In the end, Sam is proof that dreams do come true, and has some advice for producers that were in his shoes just a few short months ago, “Let things flow naturally. Be true to yourself, but never turn down good advice from those who probably know better than you. And, stop trying to achieve absolute perfection as it’s actually the little imperfections that result in true perfection!”

Along with a bootleg of Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s Panama, Sam has just completed a bootleg of GouryellaGouryella that can be found on his SoundCloud page.

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