A Historic Day as Carl Nicholson’s “Reverent” LP Enters the Beatport Album Chart at No. 1

When Trance Farm interviewed 46-year-old Carl Nicholson back in April, he was quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of good music coming out, but will anyone listen?”

Well, it appears they are.

On September 15, 2020, Nicholson’s new artist album, Reverent, courtesy of Tidy Two, entered the Beatport Album chart at No. 1 – the first Trance album ever to do so.

The third artist album from the London, England, dance music artist, Reverent follows in the shoes of Carl’s two previous LP efforts that also made their way No. 1.

Carl Nicholson

Admittedly, Carl says his previous two albums were a collection of songs that record labels wouldn’t sign as singles. However, with Reverent, it was different.

The album, a 14-song self-declared “masterpiece” and “labor of love,” puts Carl outside of his comfort zone. The first song on the record, Butterflies, sees the long-time Acid House turned Trance producer compose a 132 b.p.m. track – a first for Carl. “I don’t think I’ve ever made a tune at 132 b.p.m.!” Carl smilingly said. “But, from a DJ point of view, this album tells a story. It’s not supposed to be the same track over and over again.”

Amadeus Mozart, who signed the album to his Tidy Two recording label echoes that sentiment by saying each song on the album could easily be a hit single. “That’s what makes this album different,” Amadeus said. “Normally, on an album, there are always a couple of tracks where you think, ‘eh,’ but on this one, every one is a winner.”

Celebrating their 25th year as a staple in the Hard House and dance music scene, Tidy Two welcomed Carl’s Hard Trance work into their musicians’ family as Reverent is the first artist album ever signed by the recording label.

Producing the album the way he would want it played at a club, the 27-year veteran artist originally sent only 12 songs to the label, but felt the album needed more. Adding Blueprint (Tara’s Theme) Nicholson Remix and Not Alone to the fray, “those fit perfectly in the bits where they needed to be filled.”

Asked why he named the album Reverent, Carl admitted to looking the word up in the dictionary. After seeing its meaning, “feeling or showing deep and solemn respect,” he wanted that with this record. “I was trying to give the artistry of the album as much respect as I could to make it feel more natural.”

Carl Nicholson

To The Flame (Charlotte’s Theme) Nicholson’s Reverent Remix is one of Carl’s three favorites. Citing the original as one of the more unique songs ever made, he said, “I was so excited to get my hands on this tune. I don’t know a tune that sounds like that these days.” Not revealing the other two, Carl wants the public to decide for themselves which of the gradually building tracks on the album suit their style.

Support of the album has already been phenomenal. With Serenity being nominated as a “future favorite” by ASOT this week, it shows that the 763 hours of studio time and 175 revisions by mastering houses made it worthwhile.

Nicholson – Reverent (Tidy Two) is available for download now from Beatport.

A USB (with over 30 bonus tracks) and collectors edition CD is available here.

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