LUCIEN’s Sound is Coming Along, and Delivers Pure Magic With “Incantation”

Trance music is experiencing a resurgence and one up-and-coming talent to keep an eye on is Canada’s LUCIEN (real name Johnathan Carley).

LUCIEN’s releases embody the heart and soul of uplifting Trance’s roots – with their own edge. His first foray into music began by teaching himself classical piano and music theory starting at the age of 16, knowledge evident in his grasp of composition.

Add to that LUCIEN’s long-time love and appreciation of Trance music, and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for tracks that tug at your heartstrings and melodies that are truly memorable.

In the future expect further releases from LUCIEN that hold true to Trance’s resurgent roots with his signature uplifting sound.

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With his newest release, Incantation is true to his signature euphoric sound. The track features a soaring classic-trance inspired melody and beautifully layered harmonies driven by a powerful bass line which will immerse fans in a journey of musical magic.

Supported by A State of Trance (ASOT) and out now via established Trance label AVA White, the single is sure to heat up playlists with its remarkable energy.

Courtesy: LUCIEN

Incantation begins with a driving hypnotic intro which gives way to beautifully melodic breakdown. The goosebumps-inducing entry of the lead melody builds hands raising momentum to a dramatic drop that will send listeners into the stratosphere.

With Incantation, LUCIEN conjures musical wizardry that touches the heart as a truly uplifting Trance anthem.

Incantation is available now with an Extended Mix for the club as well as a Radio Edit for the airwaves.

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