Subculture has Signed a String of Good Music, but John O’Callaghan Misses the Mark

For every year in the last five, John O’Callaghan’s been daydreaming of ‘a label year.’

For a DJ/producer with an industrious gig & studio schedule along with Key4050 (one of the most called-upon duos in Trance), even a label-focussed couple of months seemed unlikely. 

However, for reasons requiring no further explanation, 2020’s gifted him the ‘complex solution’ in allowing him to connect with Subculture on a level he’s not enjoyed in close to a decade.

Through the current world situation, the label has seen received many monster hits from the likes of Craig Connelly, Cold Blue, Will Rees, Alan Morris, Factor B, and more.

John has been hard at it himself, most notably through June’s triple-tipped Meraxes EP and his new single that is a sign-off to summer, Complex Solution.

Courtesy: John O’Callaghan SoundCloud

Progressive lovers and those of a more reclined Trance inclination may wish to look away. This song was never going to be one for the cooler heads. From its rapacious bass, accelerated tempo, 303 crawl and post-drop synth blaze, every element of Complex Solution has been calibrated for maximum altitude.

Edit: Upon listening to the song four times on repeat, I tried to find good in Complex Solution, but I couldn’t. It’s underwhelming and provides nothing new that we haven’t heard a thousand times before. I had hoped better from one of my favorite producers, but this one misses the mark.

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