I Almost Passed on Kinected Recordings’ Debut with Kinetica and Paul Skelton Until…

..I listened to it again.

The song, Principium, whose Latin meaning is the beginning or origination, serves the newly-found recording label well.

Produced by Irishmen Kinetica (real name Dee Henry) and Paul Skelton, Principium does what most of today’s uplifting Trance songs don’t – tell a vivid and detailed story within the tune.

KR001: Kinetica & Paul Skelton - Principium
Kinetica & Paul Skelton – Principium (Cover Art)

While the mental painted pictures the song creates are up to individual interpretation, the first 54 seconds seem to be a prelude or trailer of what’s to come. At precisely 0:55, your story begins, and for the remaining 6:38, Principium steers the listener along with a roller coaster of emotion.

The song has a tremendous amount of change with everything from tech to acid to piano, and admittedly, Principium was a bumpy ride during the first go-around.

But, always a fan of Dee’s Tech-Trance and Paul’s superior piano ability, the second listen afforded the opportunity to visualize what I was hearing, and the overall brilliance of the track began to shine through.

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The melodies provided by Paul are incredible and coupled with Dee’s driving Tech sounds, this is a song that is sure to evoke a wide range of feelings in a short amount of time.

This one is a keeper, and it’s highly recommended for streaming or purchase on October 26, 2020, courtesy of Kinetced Recordings.


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