Viberate Launches a Must-Have Analytics Tool for Everyone in Dance Music

With approximately 40,000 songs uploaded daily to Spotify, it’s difficult for aspiring artists to get recognized in a sea of music streams. In this day and age, music management and insights are vital, and Viberate just released an analytics tool that can help not only artists, but recording labels and festival organizers who are looking to discover new talent to work with.

Through the thoughtful mind of Viberate’s creator, Techno artist UMEK, the newly launched tool collects and analyzes crucial social media and music streaming metrics, such as followers, charts, views and engagement, and turns accurate data into clear, actionable insights.

“We went for a very visual, clear delivery,” UMEK said. “Nobody needs another complex, ‘sciencey’ dashboard, but a tool that helps make career decisions as swiftly and confidently as possible.”

Viberate’s new analytics tool presents a wonderful platform to be utilized by a range of music professionals, including artists, labels, event organizers, A&Rs, and more. It allows users to compare and analyze the popularity of all artists under one digital umbrella. Music pros can keep a pulse on emerging trends and talent, explore which channels work best for specific genres, and check what fans listen to around the world.

The tool collects and examines the important social and streaming metrics of over 450,000 artists, and translates them into invaluable information regarding genres, countries, and fanbases worldwide. “An old industry rule says you need talent, hard work and luck to succeed,” explains UMEK, “but we decided to replace luck with the right information. Our data delivers that.”


“We believe that everyone deserves a chance to do what they love,” says UMEK. “I’ve been lucky to make Techno my life. Our startup loves crunching music data. Now, we’re here to apply this data and help others achieve their career goals: whether that’s quitting their 9–5 job to fully pursue music, or creating the next boundary-pushing record label. If there was ever a perfect time for the music industry to become more agile, it’s 2020.”

You can read more about Viberate analytics before you take them out for a spin here.


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