The Vocal Trance Song That Took 20 Years to Release

It all started in 2000.

The Conductor & The Cowboy‘s smash hit Feeling This Way had received critical acclaim, and their record label, Serious Records, was set to release a follow-up.

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“We could have gone for another song that sounded similar to Feeling This Way,” Adam Pracy remembers. “Many follow-ups go this route, and indeed one was written called Calling Your Name.” After six or seven varying written tracks, Sunshine was chosen to be the follow-up, and it was different from Feeling This Way.”

The Conductor & The Cowboy: “It’s Not a Hobby, You Have to Live Trance.”

But, the song was never officially released. Universal Records bought Serious Records and canceled all existing projects just as Judge Jules was building the buzz for Sunshine on the radio and in clubs.

Over the years, Adam has received many requests for Sunshine, and he decided to release it last year. There are six mixes of the song; some are fully mastered while others are studio demos.

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November 2, 2020, sees new light for Sunshine as the song has been reworked from the ground up. The engineering and quality of this vocal track song superb, and the love letter of thanks Adam wanted to send to his fans is sure to bring back many fond memories of clubbing days gone by.

The Conductor & The Cowboy – Sunshine (Premier Division) [Premier League Recordings]

Editor note: I received Sunshine from Adam a couple of weeks ago, and after listening, I penned my initial memories to him:

“There weren’t any clubs that solely featured electronic music where I lived in the 90s except for gay bars that had a dance floor. Every weekend after work, my friends and I would go to this particular club, “The Bar,” in Lexington, Kentucky, that was within walking distance of my apartment. Listening to the new version of “Sunshine,” with earbuds and the volume cranked fully, immediately took me back to that time and brought back many memories I hadn’t recalled in quite some time.”

This is a mid-set dance floor anthem, one that will have you dancing and sweating…in your living room.

Purchase Sunshine here.

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