Recent Armada Music Signee i_o Has Passed Away

Tragic news in the world of dance music today as recent Armada Music signee i_o (real name Garrett Lockhart) passed away on November 23, 2020. He was 30 years old.

The Washington D.C. native was known for his dark Techno and Acid sound.

On September 18, 2020, Garrett released his first single In My Head with new record label Armada Music, and was followed by the November 20, 2020 release of Castles In The Sky.

Garrett described In My Head to The Nocturnal Times and why he thought it resonated with listeners:

In My Head reflects on depression and the lengths you go to quell the warped anxiety and polar ups and downs,” Garrett revealed. “I wrote this after I’d been up every night until 8 a.m. for what felt like months. It’d been a while since I’d played a show, and I didn’t realize what kind of high I had been riding until touring stopped abruptly in March 2020. I really wanted to write something uplifting, but the chords got more and more melancholy and the progression got more and more tense. Finally, I was left with a top-line that repeated over and over, an ironic rapture that was contrary to the heavy-heartedness I was going through.”

In a February 2020 interview with LA Weekly, Garrett joked about committing suicide when asked what he would’ve told himself a few years ago during the beginning of his career. “It’s gonna be okay. Just do it. Trust the process, I guess – as much as it sucks trusting in absolutely nothing. It might work out, it might not, but there’s only one way through it so you might as well keep going. Or stop and kill yourself. I don’t really know. Either is really an option, but you have to pick one!”

Rumors began to emerge regarding the well-being of Garrett on November 18, 2020, when he posted a Facebook photo and caption that read, “do u ever question ur life?”

Courtesy: i_o Facebook

Deleted messages from early November 24, 2020, by Garrett’s girlfriend and management also suggested something was wrong until an official statement was revealed on the artist’s Twitter page.

Courtesy: i_o Twitter

After relocating to Los Angeles in 2017, the jingle writer found success with releases on mau5trap, including a collaboration with the label owner and Lights for the song Annihilation, and was immediately donned a “techno phenom” for a three-part EP: Acid 444, NPG 444 and AM 444.

The up-and-comer was booked for such events as Escape, Creamfields, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Beyond Wonderland, with the latter being one of the more crucial points in his short career.

“I’ve played shows around the country and the world, and they’re all pretty club-based shows, but this was a massive festival. And I watched the crowd go from speckled to a completely stacked indoor festival venue. And that was when I realized this was real. People were really there for what I had to give and not just for the festival. It was tangible. Those were the three moments where I knew what I was doing, and it really refined everything into what it is now.”


Garrett embarked on a United States tour before the current world situation where he played in front of sold-out fans in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Hollywood, Boston, and Las Vegas.

Lights, who collaborated with Garrett on Annihilation, tweeted the following after learning of her friend’s death:

Courtesy: Lights Twitter

mau5trap also offered his condolences:

Courtesy: mau5trap Twitter
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