Investigation: i_o Kept a Blog Before his Death

An overnight investigation by world-renowned Trance video journalist Viktor Kidson of Kidson Media has found that i_o (real name Garrett Lockhart) kept a blog before his sudden rise to stardom.

Viktor relayed the information he found to Trance Farm in the morning hours of November 25, 2020, just hours after the world learned of the sudden death of the up-and-coming dance music producer/DJ.

The blog, entitled FML (fawkmylife), includes five posts ranging from September 2015-September 2016 by a writer with the by-line IMFAWKS – the same Fawks alias that Garrett occasionally used.

Upon reading the posts, which include his move to Los Angels from his hometown of Washington D.C., the entries illustrate the difficulties and joys of living in a new city.

In a September 29, 2015 post entitled “Welcome to LA. We Hope you Enjoy your Play,” Garret opens with, “This one is for my east coast friends. the ones who ask “yo why is your hair red?” or “what happened to your jeans?” or “why do you keep saying fam?” The ones that think to themselves, “Garrett’s addicted to drugs” and “being a DJ isnt a real job” and “what happened?” LA happened. and guys, its not my fault.”

He goes on to talk about how Los Angeles is too good to be true, and how its music business consisted of nothing more than working in the studio all day and going to clubs at night with no real vision of what it took to be successful. “But what i noticed over time, was the people I would meet out were all trying to do the same stupid thing I was: trying to find someone else to make your dreams happen for you. A lot of these people had no idea what they wanted, they just wanted to make it. They knew what kind of music was hot, what kind of thing was “next”, what to wear, how to talk, but no one had any idea why they were doing what they were doing.” 

He then asked himself the question, “So what happened, Garrett? are you now one of those superficial, drug-addicted, name droppers who wears all black and goes out every night? and to that i would say, “define drug addicted……” ….jk?”

Garrett also posts about his parents visiting him in Los Angeles. In an October 13, 2015 writing, While aiding her to sleep, his mother played rain sounds on her iPhone. Garrett equated these fake sounds to the people of Los Angeles who were willing to do anything to get noticed.

A September 14, 2016 entry is entitled Soul’d Out, an homage to a local eatery in Beverly Hills, the Woffee Caffle, that was known for serving chicken and waffles.

The remaining contents of the blog can be viewed here.

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