Entel has Broken the Anjunabeats Seal, But Can He Stay There?

On an August 2019 night, the stars aligned for Entel (real name Anthony Bergamesca) after opening for Dave Dresden (one half of Gabriel & Dresden) as the two enjoyed some pizza and talked music for a bit after the show. “It was one of the most genuine¬†interactions I had with an artist of Dave’s stature,” remembered Entel. “He treated me like an equal immediately, and I got the chance¬†to hear some really cool stories about his background.”

The two forged a connection, and after sharing a few demos with the San Francisco native, Entel was asked to select and remix a song from the duo’s forthcoming third album, Remedy. Choosing Luna for the warm synths and powerful top line, the song immediately pulled Entel in a direction that would soon have his name on Gabriel & Dresden’s Remedy Remixed, a remix collection of their entire Remedy album, courtesy of Anjunabeats.

01 - G&D - Remedy Remixed - 01.png
Gabriel & Dresden – Remedy Remixed (Anjunabeats)

Playing the not-yet-released ID at the end of his opening set for Grum in January 2020, it would be the last song of the last the gig he would play because of the current world situation. But, funny how the stars again aligned as Luna‘s remix is Entel’s first release of 2021.

2020 wasn’t a total loss for Entel. In fact, last year was his most productive yet as he released a staggering number of 16 singles. Furthermore, there is no doubt the conversation and subsequent emails with Dave impacted his choosing Entel to remix one of his songs. But the question begs, was this an Anjunabeats one-off – a bucket list item to further Entel’s confidence of self-releasing on his Entelect brand, or does he believe he can evolve his sound and cater to the Anjunabeats crowd for future signings?

“I wouldn’t call it a one-off, but I’m also not chasing exclusivity with them (Anjunabeats) either,” Entel said. “I think a huge key is consistency and staying true to what the Entel sound is. I’ve never once changed my writing or productions to fit a label, but I hope to sign more music with Anjunabeats when the song is right.”

Listen to Gabriel & Dresden – Luna (Entel Remix) [Anjunabeats] below:

Courtesy Gabriel & Dresden and Anjunabeats SoundCloud

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