Live Strings are Going To Be a Thing, and Dave Damage is One of The Best

A staple live performer in the nightlife of Miami, Florida, and beyond, Dave Damage (real name Dave Brookes) has been performing to Trance, Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and many other genres for more than a decade. Now on a mission to perform for a larger audience, he has created Subliminal String Sessions as a platform to share a glimpse into his creative mind. Each episode will feature one or more tracks, focusing on music that inspires Dave from artists both old and new as he adds a live element to what is a genre that is currently dominated by pre-programmed sounds.

Dave Damage

“While performing alongside DJ sets over the years, I’ve had the chance to hear and play to a lot of music – in every style imaginable. Each performance reflects my thoughts and a unique opportunity to show people that the violin is far more than simply a classical instrument. As an improvisational performer, I have the opportunity to give my audience a glimpse into my mind. Each note I play is a chance to share my love for the melodic side of electronica, and I realized that I wanted to share this with people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see me in person.”

Thus, Subliminal String Sessions was born.

Dave chose the name as a nod to his improvisational mind, suggesting that not only can music have a subconscious influence over our emotions, but that each performance is a means of relaying his thoughts and feeling in real-time. The title is a play on words, a reference to the sublime effect music has on all of us. Dave Damage is excited to share his work with the world, and it is no coincidence that he’s making himself at home in the world of Trance. He says, “I began to find my sound when performing to Trance, Progressive and Melodic Techno, as these genres complement my instrument in a way few other styles of modern music can.”

In addition to his work with live performance and his new video concept, Dave will be further growing his catalog of original music, with several new releases planned for the coming year. As for the Subliminal String Sessions series premiere, Dave has featured a track released in late December 2020 on Black Hole Recordings: BT, Matt Fax & Nation of OneWalk Into the Water (Fatum Remix). Watch it below.

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