Gareth Emery’s “Sad Song” is a Lament to the Collapse of the Music Industry

Few good things came out of the shit show that was 2020, but Gareth Emery dropping his first ever vocal was one of them. Lamenting the collapse of the music industry in 2020, Sad Song sees him on lyric, vocal, guitar and production duties, and while the song might be sad, it’s one of the most catchy records Gareth has ever made. Good luck getting it out of your head once you’ve heard it: we’ve tried, and we can’t.

Listen to Gareth Emery & THE LASERS – Sad Song here.

Emery’s chilling song of the times contrasts a high point of his career; having penned his 4th studio album, released the wildly entertaining memoir My Life In Lasers, and toured his jaw-dropping arena show ‘Laserface’ around the globe, times were busier than ever – but then the world shut down.
While the rest of the industry stopped, Gareth powered on. Swiftly delivering one of the first pay-per-view digital concerts and leading the charge with a series of socially distanced drive-in events soon after. His musical output remained staggeringly high, with dance hits You’ll Be OK, Elise and more joining his catalog. Now, Sad Song marks both the first release of the year, and the debut single on new label We’ll Be OK for Gareth.

Watch the official Sad Song music video here

He’s certainly not afraid to try new things; from creating parody TV show ‘CVNT5’, taking his record labels’ the independent route or writing and singing his own vocals, Gareth’s pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps DIY attitude never fails to impress.

Regardless of what happens in 2021, we can be sure Gareth Emery has multiple surprises in store, and if Sad Song is anything to go by, the endlessly talented Brit is ready for a whole new chapter.

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