Danny Stubbs on Creating ‘Stargazer’: “I Felt Like a Huge Weight was Lifted”

With the absence of dance music shows, many producers are foregoing the uplifting Trance anthems of just a year ago and maneuvering their production style to perhaps a more sustainable and relaxing form of Progressive music.

One of those artists is Danny Stubbs. After regularly releasing on Paul Oakenfold‘s Perfecto Records, which caters to the traditional 138 b.p.m. style, his new single Stargazer caught the ear of Solarstone, who signed it straight away to his Pure Progressive label.

The Rebirth of Trance artist, Danny Stubbs

Danny is no stranger to Solarstone. In fact, Rich (Solarstone) signed Danny’s first-ever song Waiting For The Horizon to his then Solaris Recordings in 2012. Nine years later, and with over one hundred Beatport releases, Danny reflects on the Stargazer journey.

“Stargazer was something experimental at the beginning,” Danny said. “I wanted to make something cinematic and hypnotic. When I started to put my ideas onto the canvas, it flowed really well, and it was pleasurable to make. It was like a breath of fresh air, not sticking to any rules and being creative with textures & atmospheric sounds. As the project evolved, I felt like I wanted to take it further and continue to tell a story, and even thought this could be the intro to a full mixed album – a hypnotic musical journey (which is still a possibility).”

Danny Stubbs

The creation of Stargazer was a welcome diversion for Danny, who was happy to break the mold of producing, at times, today’s cookie-cutter dance music. “It can be stressful trying to sound like everyone else and stick to a specific genre just because that’s what you think people expect to hear from you,” proclaimed the Stoke-on-Trent, UK resident. “When I let go of that mentality, I felt more creative and relaxed, almost like a huge weight was lifted, so when Solarstone welcomed this to Pure Progressive, I was thrilled because it’s different from ‘the norm.'”

Stargazer is the follow-up to the highly successful High Tide with Kristina Sky & Evan Henzi. With his continued work in Cinematic, Chill-out, Progressive House & Trance, Danny continues to broaden his horizons.

“I’m excited,” Danny said. “I’m ready for all the work to start emerging.”

Listen to Stargazer here.

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