Asteroid claims his first-ever Beatport Trance Number 1 with “Home”

Back in October 2020, I wrote an article outlining Asteroid’s (real name Matt Thomas) 25th release, The Distance, and in that article I said this was the song that could catapult him to the forefront of today’s uplifting Trance producers.

Fast forward nine months and five releases later, July 18, 2021, will be a date that won’t soon be forgotten in Matt’s life. His single, Home, courtesy of Sneijder’s Afterdark recording label, earned its way atop the Beatport Top 100 Trance chart, thus giving the Welshman his first-ever number 1 song.

Purchase: Asteroid – Home (Afterdark) here.

Courtesy: Beatport

You would think this would be a time for a little gloating and self-revelry, but the man who now calls Amsterdam his home worked a typical 10-hour day at his real job before celebrating with his girlfriend, Olivia, later on that evening.

The always outspoken yet humble Matt did have some words for his fans earlier in the day. Instead of focusing on himself and his accomplishments, he was quick first to thank everyone who purchased the song, and commented on social media his gratitude for sharing his posts.

“The thing that means more to me than the number 1 itself is the support and watching everyone come together to buy the release – it’s been a hell of a journey,” Matt said. “People have been sending me videos and pictures of their moms, dads, and loved ones buying copies of the song to get it over the line. So, just watching people coming together during this time has been really special, and that means more to me than the number 1 itself -even though that’s pretty cool, too!”

Make no mistake, though; Matt realizes the significance of a number 1 song. But, more importantly, he realizes that people don’t need his music – there are thousands of songs to choose from – and as you’ll read in my feature article with Matt, he’s become comfortable in his own skin to say, “as artists, we may create something we want people to listen to, but ultimately, artists should understand that no one is guaranteed to hear your music. There’s so much good music out there that people don’t need you. I’m sorry, but they don’t. They don’t need Asteroid; they don’t need anyone in particular. People will find something to listen to, regardless. So, let’s look at it this way, we’re the lucky ones. We may be the ones who create, but we’re lucky if someone takes time out of their day to listen to our music, so how can any of us have an ego based on that?”

With ego not at the forefront of Matt’s mind, there are other issues he’s been forthright about. Never one to hold anything back, we cleared our schedules for an hour-long chat back in February. We discussed everything from why I felt John Askew’s VII label took advantage of him to why he’s no longer engineering or ghost-producing for other people.

Courtesy: Trance Farm SoundCloud

On a personal note, I’ve met a hell of a lot of people in the Trance scene from around the world through my journey with this blog, and Matt continues to be one of the few people that always takes the time to respond to text messages, whether they involve our personal and professional lives or just stupid, funny bullshit.

At the end of the day, no matter how well-known he becomes, I know Matt will always continue to be, well, Matt.

Congratulations, man.

Courtesy: Afterdark

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